Mickey Factz
Mickey Factz Freestyle | LA Leakers Freestyle #053
[Verse: Mickey Factz]
Before I sauté and parlay words
Gotta make sure I drink from the Heart-Shaped Herb
When M see you, gloves is on, f**king awesome
If you mumble, snap of the finger, I'm dusting off men
Call me Rain Man, I'm Sean Kemp in the lane fam
Remember that glove I had on? It's in the same hand
Gary Payton, I'm in the alley with spray cans
I could snipe but I'm good with the knife; that's a Blade fan
You straight bland, ask my bro Kendrick he'll say 'damn'
Ask Caitlyn Jenner she'll say 'man'
Raw with the rap moves
Steady going off with the bars, no pause, I wouldn't stall in a bathroom
Your broad in a chatroom
Got her in my ride she my car pet, and she treat my balls like a vacuum
Suck-ups, with a lot of guilt, I got a MILF
Who head just incredible, so her face got sour milk
T'Challa built, vibranium my cranium
Inspired, admired by aliens I'm Savion
Glover, tap-dancing on it's remorseless
I'm who you could not see like Auschwitz, aw sh*t
Softness of my wife life is like a portrait
I went through many valleys to get her because she's gorgeous
Mickey nice on purpose
Y'all worthless, more words than psalm verses
Drive 'em to the morgue in car curtains
Tom Ford purchase, shades got me like LeVar Burton
Stick to my roots, Black Thought and Alex Haley
Tell my adversaries I'm chilling in Paris daily
My vocabulary is strictly imaginary
I can't rap after n***as it's unsanitary
I wet-wipe what you said like, it's less tight
CB4, when I black y'all, it's a dead mic
Check the website for some merch, I got the best price
You can't beat it anywhere like an ex-wife
Speaking of ex-wife, she rode me like a Ferrari but the head light
Gave me the right signal and still got left like
'We going west right?'
I been nice since my sneakers had a red stripe
No Jamaican beer, Prada's, was my favorite gear
Captain made it clear, you're sinking after your navel ear
You can't stomach what I'm saying clear
When a**holes are wrong, then you correct 'em like a*** tears
My net work is stronger than cable gear
That's why I'm over there eating angel hair
You better say a prayer, I had a fruity threesome with two Chinese chicks, that's what I call a Asian pair
Size me up, y'all small and minimal
I'm double XL so check the source material
Freshman cover, every metaphor is visceral
Y'all got it all wrong like eating pork in Israel
Every bar medicinal
11-year career so every song residual, every thought is literal
My wife ring bling like it's Cascade in it
Your b*t*h off of Backpage, you in last place livid
My man got a lot of guns, he sashay wit' it
Make a call have your block like Max Payne did it
Man wait, I'm out here campaign living
Champagne spilling all over my handmade linen
Huh, Ayeisha double-jointed like she ballet women
Matching Benzes, me and my wife cla**mates n***a
Park it in front of the club, we ain't valeting it
Whip looking like I just left the Batcave in it
Y-3 sandals in the shade, fire, candle to the flames
N***as like the Joker, all that Kiki-ing have your opp Shiggy-dancing on your grave
Bruh, this a sample of the wave
Ran through every stage, water burst, running hurts
Train to be holy, saying Jesus, Shuttlesworth
He got game like Dre in '05
Hate it or love it this what the greatest provide
Low tide, I'm chilling on the [?] boat ride
Got your girl so wet, I could make her blow-dry
Here, she can't swim but your lady nose dive
Don't worry, trust me, 'cause the babies don't cry
Wait, I'm so fly I could make a clothes line
Mad jackets in my closet, I could lace a coke drive
Hater, ghostwriter getting paid on both sides
Rapper, I'm at your neck like I made your bow tie
No, major cosign I'm on top of the polls
Nuttin' like a stripper ceiling but I got it exposed
Bars, Royce told me stop responding to trolls
Just acknowledge ya' goals and all ya' positive roles
Not to mention, we know the Book of Ryan is cold
I told my agent wanna go with Elzhi on the road
Yo DNA, I'm a matchmaker next
Mark ya' calendar, ya' a** got a date with death
Clear ya' earwax you hear that?
All the people in the LA streets said it ain't fair- facts!