Mickey Factz
I Am Art
[Verse 1]

I am living art, hang me up in your gallery
No salary for these sounds from me
Everybody know these sounds is free
No paycheck when I spray text on a beat that sounds like straight sex
And I lay my text with a latex, protect my flow with a great vest
Bulletproofing my heart, cause your bullet flew at my art
Bullet hole in my canvas, I'll paint around it I'll manage
I'll make it work to my advantage, I'm a starving artist I'm famished
Give me a sandwich and I'll spit you a verse in iambic pentameter
They say I'm just an amateur, I ain't even got no manager
But I plan to work and I plan to grind
Phoenix God, so I plan to die
The amazing story of a blaze of glory then I rise again and recreate the story
I do this sh*t for the art form, black god, dark lord
You getting art on your body? My body is art
The rap game so easy n***a I body this art
I embody this art
I am the start of a new generation of artists who know how to move information
And I'm killing the game and killing myself like I don't give a f**k bout my health


I am not an artist anymore
I became my art and now it's harder than before
Harder than before
Admire my work before somebody comes through and sets fire to my work

[Verse 2 Mickey Factz]

It's Mickey!

Black Apple!

With Mause! Back in with my Ray-bans, a spray can
Some paint and, dedication what I make and
It's me, what's inside of that
Question Mause outside the trap
Where they hustle just to get a lot of stacks
Cause they don't want to work where their father's at
Like me, my fee, for my work on the wall is free
Unless you wanna hang it in your house
Then you call up Mause I'll turn into a beast
That drop cloth what I drop off, don't fall for them knock-offs
Dark Conversion up by Ross, red paint look like hot sauce
I bleed it out, work to get here I breath it out
Long road, that scenic route, I don't want to go where they need the clout
Just keep me out the fumes from acrylic just be moving my spirit
But these dudes try to mimic, I ain't used to the gimmicks, no way
Question? Paint brush so laced up, okay!
Question? I came up on the same stuff that I spray
You see em? Nah, I ain't threw dreaming
I am art, I'm a walking museum, Mause!