Mickey Factz
I Ain’t Like the Rest of ’Em
[Intro - Valley Girl]
Hey, you look really familiar
Do you know who you look like?
Oh wait, oh my god, do you know who you sound
Oh my god I can't believe this, do you know who you act like?
(Wait a minute)

I, I, I ain't like the Rest of 'em (x4)
Huh ah, I ain't givin you much (x4)

[Verse 1 - Theophilus]
Now I'm smoother than the guy on the zero line
Been doing my thoing and now it's time to give me mine
Attention, it's Thelonious baby
See they leave you alone, they know that you crazy

Now listen, I'm what the games been missing
Champ with the Mic like Pippen
Heh heh, heh heh
Lately ain't no compet**ion
And I was thinking this while fishing, get 'em
Attention, you know that it's on baby
You feeling the song, then ring the alarm baby
I'm cool and collected you know that I'm calm baby
Don't f**k with me I warn baby it's on daily

Now I be playing games with the fiddler
You could get twisted like a twizzler
Look up in the mirroror, tell me do you see thing clearerer
All black looking like Viscera
He Huh huh

I, I, I ain't like the Rest of 'em (x4)
Huh ah, I ain't givin you much (x4)

[Verse 2 - Mickey]
Now I'm the focus of discussion for the past month
My swag's up, like a museum you can't touch
This, I ain't a MC with a hammer
But I'll turn this mother out from New York to Alabama
(And I)
Let them know that I'm a hot problem
Why you think everybody's blogging?
You better log on, my buzz off the internet
I got SK's and a text, different kits every set

And for the last time I am not a hipster
I'm more of a mixture of a blister, and mister
Perfect, my verses you'll worship like scriptures
Plus I get merchy, I probably f**ked your sisters

So if I put gold kicks on in the pictures
Don't mean that I won't hit you, with the
FutureSounds to make you cry me a river
'Til it's a Timberlake and you're a swimmer

I, I, I ain't like the Rest of 'em (x4)
Huh ah, I ain't givin you much (x4)

[Verse 3 - Theophilus]
Theophilus is here, this sh*t right here
Mickey is right here, this is our year
Do you see that glare this sh*t ain't fair
This sh*t right here? This sh*t right here
Saint is right there, Steve is right here
You close your eyes, I'm your nightmare
I just don't care, music you hear
Y'all got me mad, this is severe

[Verse 4 - Mickey]
Before you say sh*t to me
Go check my history
I used to rap about mad violence and misery
Never shot a gun, so I had an epiphany
Gotta kick what I feel is real to me, listen B

Now who invited you to get smashed up
Oil prices is high, but nobody told you to get ga**ed up
I understand that you want to man up
But give an a**ist to God, this is something you should've pa**ed up

I, I, I ain't like the Rest of 'em (x4)
Huh ah, I ain't givin you much (x4)