Mickey Factz
Jimmy Choo’s
[Verse 1 - J.A.M.E.S. Watts]

I had this girl one time
When I met her, she blew my mind
Looking back I blew my time
Messing with her, cause her design, was predisposed
To lust for parties, she would go
Every night in Manolo's
Never would show up for shows
Rap wasn't her cup of tea
Wonder why she f**ked with me
I guess she got caught somewhere along the line
And after a while felt stuck with me
What f**kery....should've just left
But in bed she did "that" the best
Early on by my request
Had wild sex at my behest
But retrospectively, regrets
Would be what was left after she'd jet
I guess I figured with some respect
Her self esteem, would self correct
I was wrong, she was gone
F**king with artists, who was on
Throwing up the "Roc", while sipping Ciroc
At a party that was hosted by Sean John
Got no platinum, just these songs
A couple of things that I can dream on
A couple of hustles I could scheme on
She made all that just seem so wrong
Wanted to be in them flashing lights
Funny how the wrong ones will make you write (right)
Hey girl, I'll leave on the hall light
She'll be home, but not tonight
She's got the Jimmy Choo's
She needs the Jimmy Choo's

[Verse 1 - Mickey Factz]

See I was creepin' with this chick
Thought me and her could be legit
Gucci and Fendi, sippin' Remy
Damn, what a conceited b*t*h
Had to be rich, to see her t**s
And live in midtown, just get down
You know right around East 55th
Near the highway where the bridges sit
Nah, that's way out my league
But I got game, so we made a team
She got it poppin' kept on shoppin
All in the mirror, wouldn't even wear it
Like Michael Jackson she keep it in the closet
Damn, and you know she bad
Mac lipstick and Chloe bag
Was a rock star like Zoe's dad (damn!)
Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger...
Sh*t, I ain't got no gold
Mami digged me, and I ain't even go with her
Maybe cuz I'm bout to blow, whoa!
Call me Joey Lawrence, I'm on it
But she is so retarded
Thought it would help if we don't be flossin'
Then our thing went into the coffin
Shorty was talkin' to James Watts
She took him to the same spots
Bought her skirts and bags, shirts and hats
A ring, a watch
Shorty got a problem that ain't gonna stop
Opened up a door that ain't gonna lock
Used to rap, now I'm singing the blues
Just to buy her some shoes