Mickey Factz
Black Xcellence
[Intro: Mickey Factz]
This what we do
It's beautiful
It's Mickey

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
Turn up the amplifiers and stand beside us
These last months have been nothin' but scams to a***yze us
Vandalize us with plans and hand sanitizers
Antagonize us with masks, covered in black attire
The black man is dyin' by cops and their cannon fire
Instead of reparations, we get changes from advertisers? (f**k)
I care less 'bout the Redskins and Aunt Jemima
Malcolm X said it best - symbolic victories rather than economic equity is used to satisfy us
That's why my son's six months without a pacifier
He the next GOAT, baby Jordan, better than Harold Miner
Homeowner, either Atlanta or a Miami buyer
Considered the Carolinas, but man, I can't retire knowin' ain't no industry there, it's like I sampled Maya
The best of me made my pa**ion higher
I'm innate, dog
Our lives gon' be fabulous and you can't deny us
Factz, without a quintet musical drum
These words hit like what Dipset do to you, son
I hate when we get checks, it's usually crumbs
Forget stock, cop index mutual funds
Different from y'all, it's the 2020 Kool Keith
OG Mickey, I'm droppin' gems, clumsy jewel thief
Y'all smoke weed? I write weed on a loose-leaf
Me, [?] and JR Payne's a Tyson two-piece
[Verse 2: RJ Payne]
I've been through it all, it didn't hurt
They plotted my fall, it didn't work
They blame it all on the black man
See, my black skin make a n***a worse
Even back then, they put us in the dirt
Got a MAC-10 in a n***a shirt
First step, take the culture from us
Second step, they put us in a church
Talk about it, this a hard life
Tell a black child God white
F**k you think is gon' happen to 'em?
It's gettin' uppity, Cartwright
Walk with me, this a bar fight
The lord with me, so my heart right
Tired of seein' black men die, bullets swing by, that's a shark bite
Tell 'em, "spin the wheel"
I been the real
Cool and calm, but we tend to kill
They don't stop until we all buried
Look at Arbery, look at Emmett Till
[?], I'm a winner still
Hope y'all ready, sh*t is gettin' real
Corona keep killin' everybody, havin' problems? Just sit still
Adapted to trappin', I need the cash bag
Still was screamin', "Black lives matter" before the hashtag
I'm known for battlin' rappers before the SMACK staff
I blew up, then caught backfire, call that a backdraft
All you gangsters, I'm truly f**kin' hurt
Police'll shoot at you, but you'd rather go shoot your brother first
The world hate us, we hate each other, we struggle worse
It ain't nobody above a bullet, you'll get your bubble burst
Yeah, it's suitable 'cause I love you
I murdered my own ego, it's beautiful to be humble
F**k COVID, we catch bodies, your funeral if you stumble
You never know what they'll do to you in this jungle