Mickey Factz
[Intro: Mackie]
Hey, what it is, it's the boy Mackie. You're listening to Larry Love and DJ Ominya on W-LLL. Mickey Factz, what up

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
Lord, please show me the way
Why do girls I like keep floating away
And the ones that don't mean, slowly decay
Treat em like a frisbee and throw them away

Am I right or wrong
Can I right this wrong
Well you're a slave to indecision
Keep holding on
Holding on

[Verse 2]
I guess this is the lust part
The love talk get you left with a crushed heart
This is a double edge sword and they both sharp
I keep saying what I want when I shouldn't
And I still end up tug a war pullin'
Furthermore, I'm in another world looking for another girl
When I need a love and grown women, but they throw me away

It seems mistakes never go away
Making choices in the moment
So will you stay
Or leave your thoughts with me
I don't wanna waste your time, oh my
What do you think about that

[Verse 3]
Get one play with it, all day with it
Then you do away with it, won't stay with it
I been there, laid with it in the shade with it
Then I felt shame with it, so lame with it
What goes around comes back
But I don't want that
It's just like a frisbee
You throw it to your boy and you hoping that he catch it
And do the same thing
But I let it fall flat
As a man am I supposed to wait
Am I supposed to chase
When I just wanna stroke and be close to mate
Without a show for date
These are the problems these hoes create
But I'm a ho, and when I find somebody I can hold
Introduce her to my moms on the low
She do to the same thing I be doin' yo
Well I don't know, I just figured as a man it's expected
Meet a girl take her home let her get naked
Beat it up never call takes no effort
Walk of shame, I don't make no breakfast
But then when I put work in I'm neglected
True story, you hurt when I'm rejected
Reckless, this is why I flirt every second
Check it, my pops say I gotta keep dating
My moms say that I gotta keep waiting
My heart say why I gotta keep breaking
For you to understand I'm not a frisbee to play with
Don't throw me away
It seems mistakes never go away
Making choices in the moment
So will you stay
Or leave your thoughts with me
I don't wanna waste your time, oh my
What do you think about that
Could be right or wrong
Am I right or wrong
Baby, what you make of it
So inconsiderate, I guess we have fallen off target
I guess we've fallen off target

[Larry Love]
She got me, frisbee, both by Mickey Factz. And speak of the devil, he is here, finally

[Mickey Factz]
Yo, yo - it's Mickey!

[Larry Love]
Yes, yes. So, explain to us this dumb t**le, Frisbee. What ever happened to t**les like, 'What's goin' on', or 'What's love got to do with it', or 'Between the sheets'?

[Mickey Factz]
Well, first of all shout to everybody tuned in, my achievers. My tour is approaching and I'm coming to a city near you. Um, I came up with the t**le thinking about all the times these guys throw away women when it's convenient. And woman too, you know? You know it goes, bruh, c'mon. Larry, you know how it go bruh

[Larry Love]
Ok, ok, I get it, but I don't know. How do you feel about that?
Give the guy a break man, you know it's a new generation and love, lust and kinds of stuff man

[Larry Love]
I mean, no, no. I'm from that era where music was music and Frisbee doesn't make sense to me

Well to him it makes sense you know. You don't know what his heart has been through

[Larry Love]
Well, let's talk about this project, Love.Lust.Lost 2. Why? Why do a sequel?

[Mickey Factz]
Well the fans loved the first one and I wanted to top it. I had the Badu record that I couldn't put out as well as the John Legend record that I brought up here just for you guys to play and I wanted a home for both of them. So, this project was the only way to get it out

[Larry Love]
Wow, that's interesting. Let's get into that while we got more Mickey Factz on W-lll. Keep it locked