Mickey Factz
Been Hip Hop
[Intro:Sabelo Cyprian]
Yes sir,Sabelo Cyprian n***a
Durban South Africa n***a
Uh that's where we from n***a
The jungle n***a

[Verse 1:Mickey Factz]
It's Mickey,look I've been a fan before Killa Kam
Before Cyprus Hill said how they can kill a man
Before Scarface told us about milligrams
Before graffiti cans was in my little hands
I was born in the rat that's why I put it in my name
I be talking the facts never did it for the fame
I'd be corny for that I do it for those who listen to the audible crack
That's that (awu!)

[Verse 2:Sabelo Cyprian]
Been a hip hop head since age 11
What I write on the page make em hate my еssence
They don't know about my goals and my grеat endeavours
These n***as huh they ain't attempting
To lace anything I end em Eminem in Kamikaze
My sixteens got venom wade through the water
In a naval vessel I'm really fly sky aviation brethren
Everyday I gotta stay propelling moving forward
Since a teen they been saying my dreams too enormous
They unrealistic I'm young and I'm gifted only 21
But when I come and I kick it
It's something so twisted like dreadlocks
I'm having fun with the lyrics yep f**k the cops
I got a blunt and I'm spliffin you don't want no smoke
I got the lungs of a killer whale n***as they finna fail
My figures getting bigger it's digital
Seven grams in the L
Blowing trees rolling weed with my whole team
On a slow down as we pour lean
Toke pounds of that potent
No seeds no stems really ain't no lyricist opposing
I inflict with disease if you an enemy
I end ya in a nanosecond most definitely
Plenty emcees claim that they be king
But they get overthrown when I flow on songs
Hardly wrote they off the dome
Murdering verses I'm offing most
Take notes of these poems
I bring em with rhythm
I'm supreme with the spitting
I've always been on a mission
You tryna contravene it will lead to extinction
Of your species what ya thinking?
From sun up to sun down I be kickin' and scriptin
But this is real life even though I feel like
It's a dream since a teen I've been doing my thing yeah