Mickey Factz
Time of Our Lives
What's up everybody, it's your girl Bianca Raquel and you are chilling with Larry Love & DJ Ominiya on W-LLL

Mad girls gunna think it's about them
But it's really about you
Dudes gunna play this for their girlfriends
But they will never be you
And as I watch the world spin
All I think about is you
It's about you, it's not about them
Baby it's about you, it's all about you
Keep it going
Jam, Jam x8

[Verse 1]
Want you to see things how I see it
Got with you got rid of my side pieces, for the time being
You be on my mind so I'm never out cheatin'
Never out creepin'
Remember that time we had a pretty fly weekend?
Tan and and all, renting out beaches, log cabins
So big it had a hallway maze
2 nights should have been a 4 day stay
Restaurant week and a broadway play
Things go good then it always change
I'll be like dag, how you so mad?
Why you can't laugh?
I ain't that bad
Instagram flirting, I ain't try that
Yes, you look good, but I ain't like that
Maybe I did, because she gotta nice rack
Send me a message, and I ain't write back
But I'm off that miss thang you the big bang
Cause you started my world when I was in pain
Thick frame and your skin beige
Kissing on your neck to your rib cage
You be having men checking for your slim dresses
Real hair never sent that again [?]
Making out because you know I got a lip fetish
You a queen around princesses

[Verse 2]
Mama love you, pops ain't meet you
Deja vu because it sounds like a sequel
Plus you a cancer, you sound like my equal
She a work of art, you was found by an easel
Your smile so lethal
It's a preview, to be in a wedding gown when I see you
Girl, let's settle down cuz I need you
And whenever you're around I get peaceful
Sunday fun day is only one day
Can't wait till we do it on a runway
In the air with a ticket for a oneway
In the winter but we're serving up the [?]
You're something I adore
Lover to the core
She wonderful and more
Can't go to sleep cuz I love the way you snore
You talking to yourself while I'm cuddling your arm
Even when you yell, I will never regret it
Put me through hell, but it's feeling like heaven
Ma** is 12, over it by 11
And I don't know if you can tell, but girl you're a blessing, to me
A prize in my eyes, the size of your thighs make me rise to the skies
One day ima provide a surprise
Until then let's have the time of our lives