Mickey Factz
Iont Care
You feel good?
I feel great
You feel good?
Well I feel great

You don't like me?
I iont care, I iont care
Hating on me?
Iont care, iont care
Ask your girl, I ont care, I iont care
I'm getting money, so I iont care, I iont care x2

[Verse 1]
Why people hate?
I ain't even worry about it
Black man die everyday
Sometimes you don't hear about it
I don't wanna go to jail
So let me clear about it
If you're on some other sh*t
Get away from me I iont care about it
So fly, yet I'm grounded
Big cake, I've been around it
Drop top, I get around it
High to high, I change the climate
Your girl around me her a** fat
I'm about to palm it
I had her open and turned it down because I don't want it, yeah

[Verse 2]
Drinking Marnier from the bottle
Let a girl sip it she was so damn with it
So I took her a** home with a model
Had her like, "damn Mick you might be the man Mick"
I was feeling like I won the lotto
She got on Instagram and started typing up my name
Then she started begging for the follow
Then I said, "are you gunna swallow?" (what)
All damnit, all damnit
Fly talker, outlandish
Skywalker, Mark Hammil
Getting high offers without planet
Skyscraper, high office, outstanding
Your girl on drug, I get high off her without landing


[Verse 3]
Guggenheim, my outfit fresh I'm fly to death
That's suicide, my closet is inside a jet I'm super fly
Sometimes I feel like Johnny Depp in suit in ties
But I get crucified, check it out
I here we go, I here we go
Sh*t cost money I get it for the low
Haters talk sh*t, I ain't ever ever know
Cuz they go to the blogs where I never ever go
Get invites but I never ever show
That's how it is when a n***a get dough
If I do show then I'm leaving at 4
When it's over at 4, then I leave with your ho