Mickey Factz
[Verse 1]
Both hands covering my face
I'm not really trying to talk to her
Laying down on my pillow case
It's so crazy how thoughts do you
Day before at a carnival, good times
Now I'm feeling horrible
Birthday in a couple a days and a part of you
Was saying what's wrong with you
And I say nothin'
Truth is cuz my brain cluttered
So I'm thinking what did she just take from it
She asks about my future and me being a loser
And I said look, I try to stay away from it
Coming from the man who said this the soundtrack for 2016 back in 2008
I had my hand covering my eyes
So she couldn't see my iris formulate a lay
Remember live order, Lauryn Hill on the chorus that July summer
6 years later and I guess I got karma
Should be on my third album but I'm far from it, damn
But she don't understand that
She wanna know where her best friend at
Where you been at, I think he been kidnapped
It's not the man she feel for, that sh*t whack
Baby, I agree with you
Because if I didn't I wouldn't even be with you
But it's different when your life get a mean issue
Wait, let me put it like this
Fellas if you got a job you love then you suddenly get fired
And you get another gig cuz surviving is required but you wanna go back
To the job you had prior but your girl is saying "we got bills" as a reminder
And deep down she don't know your a fighter
So what you do..
And it's just a random thrills you know
Like you took an extra pill that you control
She's the one that makes me feel so high
Hate will always kill, but love never die

[Verse 2]
I felt bad when she left
She just want me to smile more and have real conversations
I be thinking what's next
We could be in the same room, not say one word
And it feel like we just met
Watch TV, cook each other food
Mad as hell at each other but we still just connect
That's what love mean to me
I don't want someone mad, that's when you try and give em space
When they get horny then you be up in their face
You ain't gotta spend money when you on a date
And you now deep down can't be replaced
That's ill, real, something you can feel
Gotta let it out there ain't nothing you can seal
Ima talk about it more on LoveLustLost part 2
So for now just enjoy everything you hear