Mickey Factz
If you wanna feel rich
Just count the days you have, that money can't buy
It's Mickey

[Verse 1]
This is my second time talking on this beat
So it got too tight, was like Lebron with the Heat
I belong to the songs I record
Sh*t is deep as the waters in the pond or creek
I was born from the leak, ever week
I put my thoughts on the streets of the internet concrete
Walk with your feet as I take you on a voyage from the safety of the Cloisters
To the places down on [?] where they daily eatin' oysters
Rappers full of snakes and I'm playing in the poison
There's days I be saying that I hated that I joined in
Bunch of sensitive n***as that get offended when I mention that I'm better than n***as
I'm a compet**or n***a, how can I sit around and listen to these lyrics now
Sh*t I said a couple years ago I'm hearing now (wow)
Lemme simmer down, digress and tell you about my progress
3 sets of managers, 5 guys 1 girl, sh*t was such a process
Hard for me to digest, did a video with Marshall label
Had a conference, conflicts, sad to see Jive had to die next
Got moved to RCA and had to fire my reps
Hired LA Reid's son and still couldn't drop next
Did Mickey Mouse, it was a cla**ic a** concept, complex
Plus it got praised by Complex
Number 1 prospect, Swizz tweeted the project
Fiasco called it a masterpiece, full of [?]
Felt like Kevin Hart in Smart Tech
Yelling at the label for they wildness
That's the day that I left
3rd day before my birthday, it was July 10th
Underground railroad, left with my masters
No album on the shelf though, 2 mixtapes in 2 weeks, hell yeah bro
These other n***as moving snail slow
Let's go to the next year though, 20-13
It's only nightmares in Mickey's first dream
I sense envy, when did the city turn green I painted the town red
From an indigo scene I inspired folks
Just like when Biggie heard c.r.e.a.m
So for y'all to say you hate it
I feel the worst things, that's like asking Cyclops would he really hurt Jean
I probably do this for life like Eddie Murphy, and that's raw
I signed a deal in July, and that went caput
I rap but it feels like I'm trapped in a book (damn)
My words a latch with a hook, I'm sick of this
It's hard for me for to heal like the back of a foot
I had a track with Yelawolf, but that wasn't pushed
Then I'm added to a tour with my big brother Lu, I was happy to the core
It was only 3 shows wait, matter of fact 4, 1 got cancelled
From a storm that was Niagara Falls lost money from
What I had in store so Fiasco got a call and let him know the situation
And he said that he'll add a couple more, part of me said that I could travel to a mall
That's family for sure, I had sold out crowds I was practicing my art
Spray painted on a canvas in New York and it sold for 300 like I had to go to war, yep
That was my reward, but, but, but what about my feelings
I made money on the tour so where hell the digits
I called one man and [?] told her I was quittin'
And I'm not bullsh*ttin' I said good riddance
I'm tired of the critics, I'm tired of the business
I'm tired of under sold shows, I'm tired of the gimmicks
I went on Instagram and I was tired of the pictures
I'm tired of writing lyrics, when lyrics aren't lyrics
To the spirits that'll hear us, see I'm tired of being gifted
Text saying getting replied to I guess my friends thought I was suicidal
I just needed space, I was prideful
Thought about working at a job too
Then I thought, that's remedial for my IQ
Rather look at life with my own birds eye view
Then I was mindful, got get it straight and doubt
If I keep rapping then I gotta make it count
I had 90,000 saved but in 20-14 I had 4.14 in the bank account
I had 4.14 in my bank account
I had 4.14 in my bank account
Now you see why I ain't wanna rap with artists
Buy colors when it ain't nothing to paint about
So I got on my knees this is what I pray about
Lord God my dreams and help me make it out (yeah)
Paying rent to my wallet
Negative account so I'm scarred to deposit
Running around town when I really should be jogging
And preserving all my energy instead I be willin'
I said this on the first rendition of the song but
Since you won't hear it then I figured I should drive it
(Song Fades)
This song should be fading right now if you got it