Mickey Factz
Robot Rock
You see
The reason why we do what we do
See we do what we do like we goin for HD (Talk Yo Sh*t)
Now that's some nice mothaf**ka sh*t
High Definition Flow (Light)
Steve-O aka the ?
G-F-C Jumanji!

[Verse 1]
When you see me, this is what you expect
Ketchup colored jeans, Mustard Baguettes
Fresh new things, rushed from Tibet
Prada stuck to my specks, I stay the same
It ain't a thing when they cut me a check
You a paper plan tryin to f**k with a Jet
Spit Camp-Lo slang, rush through ya set
The San Tropez with a Busty Brunette (HA)
Now who's hotter than this please
This the sound track for 2016
So while you in house with ripped jeans
Dyin to get Green, Concocting sick schemes
I laugh at the Armory, Getting Money is Comedy
See the jokes on you, when my dough come through
I'll poke yo Boo, I'm the Black Sean Connery
While you on the China Town Bus
I'm out in Hong Kong, with China Town sl*ts
World Wide Factz, my Pa**port clear
Just to get close to the man up stairs
Took a long time just to stand up there
And if fall off I'mma land on air
I was chasin dough I ran all year
Now it's chasin me, but I'm not scared
Aaah why you stop for?
Nah chill Steve, that's too much for them man
It's too Zoolander for them
Nah keep goin
I know that but keep flowin
They are no where on our levels right now
We on our Uber sh*t right?
You already know but keep goin
Yea N***a so keep goin
Alright you want me to keep going alright lets go
Yes, Go

[Verse 2]
Ay Yo Steve, just another verse
See you know I want chicks, but I'm tryin to get the money first
I'm so hungry that my stomach hurts
So when it's time to eat I'mma feast till my stomach burst
I'm the best, if you think not
I'll turn your think box into an ink blot
The Kings hot, I ain't David, but I sling shots
All you Goliath's better not try it
Tryin to be a Giant?, you more like Hobit
So I know you don't go to war with a rocket
You get money and it's all you're pocket
Me, 3 words, Withdraw And Deposit
Gotta be seen and big in your optics
Grindin for the cheese and live in a Cottage
The flow burn, I'm sizzlin the hottest
And I'm so sick, when I spit, I vomit (EW)
Truth is I live with the flu, so if you listen to me, you gotta live with it too
Call me Mr. Magoo, I don't listen to you
See no Evil, Hear no Evil, The Riddle is through
On a long run and you started the race
I look behind me, and you follow the great
I'm the future, tomorrow is late
I'm a Fat Man ahead of my time, Please Pardon the Weight
A frenzy, if you test me Horrible Fate
I breeze like the wind speed in the Florida State
Jet Li, with the technique
Slaughter the Steak and wreck Beef like a Chef (ding) the order is late (Damn)
I could do this all damn day, but the beat won't last
Cause I keep goin past, but I'm supposed to stop, cause he so bad
Turn the ba** up till the speakers blast (BOOM)
All of yall know I'm hot, so come and listen to the Robot Rock
All of yall know I'm hot, so come and listen to the Robot Rock

[Verse 3]
Let me dust it off quick, haters on my shoulder
I'm Dust Hoffman, No not the actor
Just a rapper that cut ya lights out just like the clapper (clap clap)
I send my regards, ya crew's from the Ringer, bunch of retards
You wanna know what's my dream job?
To rule a Big Apple, The Rap Steve Jobs
Tryin to Minaj with about 3 broads, with D cup bras and each b*** large (Boom)
And they blue hair, keep up Marge Simpson
I'm talkin bout brain pimpin, Limpin
But I'mma walk it out, I did what I did it was on her couch
And when I let off, it was on her mouth
The brain was whack, but it's the thought that counts
I am the best, we can spar it out
I'm free nights and Weekends, call me out
You gone think they'd let a monster out
Silence, feel what I'm talkin bout

All of yall know I'm hot, so come and listen to the Robot Rock
Most likely won't stop, so come and listen to the Robot Rock
I'mma leave most of yall shocked, come and listen to the Robot Rock
I said all of yall know I'm hot, come and listen to the Robot Rock
[Verse 4]
Damn, that brotha right there got a ego
He gone keep goin until the beat don't
Your best bet is to probably turn the beat low
And rewind me whenever you want like TiVo, Shout to Steve-O
We tryin to get G money without Nino, feel me Kiko? (You feel Me?)
This rap sh*t to me is free throw
Yall watchin me takin shots for the C notes (Swoosh)
That's music to my ear chico, you can feel it in the air people
Why everybody out sayin they Neo?
They stuck in the game, they last name is Geo
Yea I'm a Cancer, but fierce as a Leo
But shake rappers up like Cee-Lo, We know how he flow
I'll give you a heat stroke and I'm still Cool, I'm Hace Frio (Wow)
Every rapper wanna be a Gambino, I make them run home like the Great Gambino
And I never ever move kilo's, but I'm good when ever I wear Kilo
Please check my Stylo, I'm headed to France so I'm learnin Creole
For the green, my man got the 9 like ? and he'll leave you with a peep hole
I just got back from Puerto Rico, swimmin in the ocean tryin to find Nemo
Yall know I got heat like Pacino, so let me go and get out of here like Chemo