Mickey Factz
Geda Dot vs. Ian B
[Geda Dot]
The next time you mention my state, n***a, you better speak highly on it
Or I'll have a white boy come and ghost you
Remind you of Tommy, don't it?
'Cause you the type of n***a to think South Carolina is all cornfields and scarecrows, and try me on it
Not knowin' it just mean that every stick in the field got a body on it!
Open the closed-casket - how you want it?
B*t*h, please
Believe it or not: Ripley's!
Reflex test at the pediatrician if I hit a organ, 'cause it woulda been the kid knees (kidneys)
You bettеr get your dog 'fore he tick mе off and a pair of sights (parasites) be on him
Then I'll flee (flea) the scene without gettin' caught
'Cause I'll have 'em lookin' for synthetic drugs how I throw the forensics off
'Cause I got 9-millimeter bullets in my .380, they fittin' all (fentanyl)
My n***as all know when I tell 'em, "We goin' to war" to (water) bring snorkels
Bulldog, and she bark, too
The kick on the .9 like a ratchet chick on the line when the heat spark you
'Cause the b*t*h ring once...then recoil (recall you)

[Ian B]
Not if I beat yo' a**, but how I beat yo' a** is 'bout to be open for discussion
I'm 'bout to leave yo' chest like a museum: open to the public!
N***a, I got the bars and the sauce! This and that
That mean I can stick my whole hand in yo' b*t*h pu**y...and get her on cam' admittin' that
I don't doubt that y'all gangsta
One of your n***as might be able to rob one of my partners and actually get away, kid
But after that, you know what they just won? Our (Hour) visitation like state bids
F**k what you did in the streets!
Savage 'cause I'mma reach, blast it!
His body reek, and all I reek (wreak) havoc!
Am I standin' too close? Is that what the fuss 'bout?
Aight, I'll give him 6 feet...when three n***as stomp him the f**k out!
N***a, the Nina screamin'! She gon' b*t*h over this sh*t!
You was not trainin' for the Olympics, but you gon' see the beam and flip over this sh*t!
I'm ready now, the Desert out
Then I slide like a ring announcer 'cause this the fight I been talkin' heavy 'bout
Aye, what about my Glock is so unique?
Well, besides the beam bein' blue
The Glock's a secret, and I gotta keep it...between me and you
I'm murderin' the head of your household and I'm on stage gettin' the W, too (W-2)
The crowd gon' say, "You wild for this"
And online...the IRS gon' look at me foul (file) for this