Mickey Factz
Bless Da Gawdd vs. Zay
I say, we in the midst of a race war racin' to 10K...go figure
And this just like the media after the cops kill Blacks
No matter how you die today, Bless, just know they gon' throw dirt on you. n***a
Check my background! I'm really the NBA plug
Boy, I had enough bricks to lead the league wit' the worst field goal percentage
Bars, little time, performin' in a small room
This sh*t remind me of bein' locked up and gettin' those conjugal visits
I seen ki', ki' - why, it (Keke Wyatt) felt like my first love
I couldn't afford soap, so made soap and got my first dove
N***a, I had my grandma's spirit in thе trap
The luck of the pies that was cookin' up
N***a, wе ain't even cry over the spilled milk - (*sniff*) - 'cause the fiends would sniff it up!

[Bless Da Gawdd]
Everybody got struggle bars...mainly 'cause everybody struggled
And 90 percent of these n***as kingpins on stage...but I can't name a n***a I know that ain't have to hustle
I say that to say this: everybody soundin' the same, and the sh*t startin' to bore me
How the f**k is there any glory
When these n***as literally rappin' for nothin'?
Y'all ain't even got a story
But this is why they adore me
I wasn't always a made man
I knew I had to take a damn chance
'Cause the same time life was givin' me lemons, my little girl called and said she needed a lemonade stand
'Cause you can feel the vibes, it's in his eyes
Don't know how to love, just how to survive
Wasn't supposed to make it past 18, he havin' a midlife crisis at 25
So it's do-or-die
Who gon' ride?
I'm the new face that's true to rise
So somebody tell Smack to call this Hitman or push Tsu aside (suicide)
It's Da Gawdd, n***a
Raised off hard times and hard liquor
Was taught never to give credit to none of these fraud n***as
Earned everything out the streets
First-name basis with the fiends
Dope so good, they're lookin' for me in they dreams
I mean, they know my real name...