Mickey Factz
Super Black vs. JCred
I'm a unknown Liam Neeson fan
And even he can't tell you where this round 'bout to get taken to (Taken 2)
My thesis? I never got a invite to the Invitationals
But I made it to the Crucible
They said, "90 seconds, 2 rounds, and you can't be nothin' short of sensational."
So for all you n***as who like n***as that sound and move like other n***as
Well, I'll understand the reason if I don't make it through
So much like when I was young, my mother went over my cousin's house that I ain't f**k with, but I brought my toys
N***a...I did not come all the way out here to play wit' you
Now make a move
I'm sharpеr than Wolverine mixed wit' Sabrеtooth
And yo' b*t*h a** better be razor-proof
Aye, I came here to put a North Carolina n***a in the trunk...like Rae Carruth
There's a couple of official n***as in this sh*t, but he not one
I'm a Maverick, you're a airhead in the Air Force
I clip the wings off a Goose and turn you into Iceman for tryna be the Top Gun
Y'all 'bout to turn URL into You Got Served?
The nerve, when this b*t*h n***a choreography off
Soon as you Step Up to Beat Street Breakin'? Fakin'
When my brother had to literally Stomp The Yard!
N***a, we on man time
So all them scary stories you be tellin' other people...

[Super Black]
N***a, when it comes to resumes and accolades, I got them
If SMACK lookin' for the next best thing, it's not him
I mean, who the f**k think you gon' be the next Nu Jerzey Twork?
N***a, not one single soul (sole) like Swamp Timbs!
See, trying to convince me about JCred, I'll be the first n***a
To say you a sidewalk mama's boy church n***a!
You just plagiarize the Tsu Surfs, the Geechis, and the Twork n***as
You B. Simone, 'cause you ain't touchin' no work, n***a
See, my hood been like Ultimate Madness
That's why a scuffle between both hands (Hann/Hanz) is not a bad thing
I done seen a n***a with 25K in his hand on the 2nd, and you know what trouble that bag bring
I mean, I done literally watched a n***a Bando collapse by the 3rd like Jey The Nitewing
It was Mad, King!
See, you try to say sh*t like that, and think the sh*t's impactful
Big gun, I been wavin' this sh*t since Little Rascals
But see, my attorney? He crooked as sh*t
He should be disbarred
I mean, the n***a got loopholes for cases before I'm even charged
So I won't even see the county jail with defense he built
The charges wouldn't (wooden) stick for me to see the yard!
So if I rob you tonight, as soon as I feel in the air it's mornin'
Zach LaVine, Derrick Jones: I'm robbin' ya twice like Aaron Gordon!
See, n***a, that was fire, but I'm notorious for flippin' lines
Like, he try to rob me and my wife, while we eatin' Mexican food and sippin' wine!?
I'm jumpin' over Tacos to get a .9!
See, n***as be worried about writin' their rounds, instead of writin' out they eulogies
I mean, I got a bullet for every bubble on yo' face...
And wit' a 100-round drum, n***a, I bet I'd hit puberty!
See, imagine your mother at your casket
Yeah, the flowers got her emotions a lil' crazy...