Mickey Factz
6'8 vs. Bubba Forde
[Bubba Forde]
Do you believe in life after death?
No footsteps, dreamcatchers might catch your steps?
See, 2020 was a f**ked-up year
I lost n***as that I wish I could get right back
So L's up for LB
This for Lil G Lock and White Sav
Ain't no beatin' me
I don't need a silencer to help me creep wit' ease
Start beef, then see
I hope you ready to reap defeat
They armed wit' you? Dog whistle
When I make noise, it's wit' high frequency
Let's get to it
F**k a shot - I'd rather stab him up close: it's more intimate
Thе blade intricate
Used to wondеr if humans had souls until he froze and I saw...into it!
They say muscles is hard to tear, so I sawed...into it!
He lost...ligaments!
Now he's on...Citizen's!
I would've been guilty, but the autopsies read that he lost...his INNOCENCE!
I'm not for kiddin'!
Soon as I pop the biscuit, sh*t get apocalyptic
Glocks and Smith &s
Docs layin' on the floor, family's makin' doctor visits
After I let it ring, like I pa**ed the Sonic mission!

You shoulda stayed out the way
This sh*t is a crash course
Sick flamin', no pa**ed torch
A muzzle on the Bronco made the kick stable like a mad horse
The fam'...gon' be mad I sparked it
Y'all see how my new flow fly? It's Aladdin's carpet
Damn this target, 'cause I'm the one wit' the low patience
These caps lock on any n***a chargin' wit' a bold statement
Roll up! Have some paper, or we'll be at your home waitin'!
He wanted the smoke, and got the coffin (coughin'), f**kin' up the rotation!
Heard he was workin' on a tape, tryna get to the stacks
Well, sh*t, keep it f**kin' movin', or I'll put some lead in your cap
He was recordin' in the booth, one shot hit his head in the back
Ended all movements...
I literally stopped him dead in his tracks!
It's no greetings 'cause you past your heyday
It's no need to let the 'K spray
'Cause if I hit you right now, (*stomp*) here is where you may lay (melee)
No guns! Yes, I mean fightin'
Hands for everybody in here - please don't seem frightened
I don't need the gas workin' or the beam lightin'
I will tee (T) the entire building: Teen T**ans!
Your guardian angels reached out to save you
If you hear the calls, you better go
I load the mag' and I bend back on a sub mission (submission)
That's the Walls of Jericho
You better run, fool, 'cause I dump tools
You can be one of the biggest and hottest stars out...I'll still son (Sun) you!