Mickey Factz
Y'all know who is the best
Everybody in here know dude is a threat
And these top-tier n***as can die
I know a few, I could bet
Y'all remember on Baby Boy where Taraji was like, "So you just gon' rape me...in front of my son?"
I'm tryna Snoop on a vet! (Yvette)
The feds lurkin'!
That bullsh*t you spit? It got my head hurtin'
Like, I ain't from Chicago, but I'm even blunt to a dead person
I tried to sneak in a birdie! I'm heatin' up early!
I'mma have to lawyer up after I murder this b*t*h...
That's why they booked me in a tourney (an attorney)!
Yo' TEC'll open up?
Tuh! You gon' blow or what?
Let's address the elephant in the room
Whoever act like a animal go in trunks!
What you used to do to make money!? Say it, n***a!
I was schemin', had to finess my own people just to make some figures
I was one of the fakest n***as
Rest in Peace to Chadwick Boseman
I literally came up PLAYIN' n***as!
Y'all think this kid is a threat!? He filler at best
Odell Beckham Jr.: allow me to get some sh*t off my chest
See, y'all done breastfed JC, but...lied on Ill
That's sick!
It was "Pray for St. Louis", then it was "Pray for JC"?
Damn, Crip!
I mean, they laughed at us, but then they coddled the others...that quick!
F**K 'EM!
At least it's a real n***a somewhere feedin' his kids off of that B*T*H!
I'm a gangsta!

You good?
Is that the round?

It's 1:30

Oh, my bad
I said, uh...aight
At approximately 10:34 A.M. on September 3rd
I got an Instagram DM from Smack that said, "Let's get you heard."
But he told me, "Gotta bring some of those real punches 'cause those jokes are only good for impressin' nerds."
So it's Dezzi gripped, extra clips, leave his head in disrepair
Dawg, Odell Beckham ain't tryna catch this sh*t-
Nah, that's rookie sh*t
Just have a bunch of current references prepared
And they'll think you are cold?
QR code: that sh*t just registers wit' squares
Dawg, I'm thinkin' Forbes list
Puttin' in work, goin' corporate
Sh*t, I shoulda brought a suit to URL on some Norbes sh*t
I am not you regular small-league cats
In everyone's inbox askin' for feedback
Puttin' the "cap" in "sh*tty local battle event recap"
Treatin' every event like SMACK Fantasy Camp
It's f**kin' fascinating
In his imagination, he's planned a statement for when JayBlac and Hennyman come congratulating
He sent to every Crucible scout a laminated handwritten application
Including his view count, accolades, and battle rap Madden ratings
All he's done this whole summer is watch Ultimate Madness
Now he thinks he has a chance to make it
Which makes sense 'cause...you know, havin' wild dreams is a sign of being over-Caffeinated!
Zoom app: I'll push your b***ons, better mute that
Chicago sh*t, I move fast
Some sh*t that I could shoot back
Huge facts, huge facts
I said, I give a f**k what these dudes gas
They hear they got me? Start plannin' new tats for when you do pa**
You trash!
Never be on a St. Louis bill again, you got that mascot vibe
I said, I started the same year as URL
I been at this a damn long time
And I been swingin' from the jump like the Draft Combine
Tropic Thunder director: I came in the field...