Mickey Factz
Villa vs. King Moneyy
I asked your b*t*h, "Do she wanna f**k in the shower?"
She start cryin'...with a mouthful of pain
I said, "B*t*h, what the f**k wrong?"
She said she would rather swallow the kids...than to see they lives goin' down the drain!
Damn, your b*t*h pa**ionate!
Get on some clown sh*t and get split in two: that's just the half of It
I will MURK you!
And n***a, that's damn right
When n***as killed my bredren, I was at n***as the next night!
Two hands, consume both straps, left and right
'Cause the beef was like contact lenses: on site (sight)!
N***as die every day, B
Permanently night-night
My gun aim like consolin' a b*t*h
I roll up wit' arms extended...and hit evеrything all right

[King Moneyy]
P said the second round was to see who reb***als is quick
But bro, I don't freestylе
I perfect my rounds so I don't stumble and sh*t
I was taught, "Never go to a battle without a plan at all."
I keep a blade in case the hammer fall
Stop him while he rappin' like, "If that was heat, I ain't a fan at all."
It's in my genes (jeans) to keep it short like if I plan to ball
Side arm, sh*t came wit' its own hand and all
I'm makin' sure (shore) everything land, I'm not a fan of Jaws
Like if I shoot him in his eye, don't say it was I
The pen did it
N***as always switchin' sides
That's why I always dot my I's 'cause wit' proper pen, men shipped (penmanship)
I done seen gangstas tell for a mill' just 'cause they hate to see you progress
Rap for a buck, I learned every G ain't honest (Giannis)