Mickey Factz
One Thing
[Intro: John Legend]
One thing on my mind (x6)

[Verse 1: Mickey Factz]
What up? Tell me what it’s like
And I’ll tell you what I like
Like, kisses at night, wine a little white
Time to get a bite, that’s normal
I recall when I saw you
Both my eyes were all on you
I’d love to know if you want a big boy for your love below
Ha, say yes, I want to know
Girls come and go, so I want to know
Just what it is, yea you know just what it is
Tattoos over her ribs, fingertips over her lips
Tellin’ her “shh, come to the crib”
We’s ignorant, this one thing got me trippin’
You’ll see that it’s

[Hook: John Legend]
One thing on my mind (x3)
One thing on my mind
Two things on my mind
Well, a few things on my mind
I wish you all were mine
I’d give you all a try
Know I wanna get, get, get
All you pretty kittens
On tonight

[Verse 2: Mickey Factz]
I want you, you, you and you
Oh yea, and you, your friend and you too
One thing on my mind, that’s true
It must be on my mind, guess who?
Mick and Legend want all the women
In this profession, they’ll all for givin’ up
What they slept in, what they crept in
What they style is, what they bust in
They ain’t salad, but what they dress in
Is the flyest, it’s so sexy
Got me beso when I get
Whatchu sip on? What’ll it be?
So I, so I got a lot to do
And I got a lot to prove
So what it’s gon’ be? Whatchu gonna do?
Cause one thing just turned to two

[Verse 3: Mickey Factz]
That thing you do I like it
Let’s try it, don’t fight it
We need to get united
Your body got me all excited
Drinks on me then you can be on me
Then you can see what we was made for
Turn up the radio, ready to go, John

[Bridge: John Legend]
It’s time to settle down
To find a love I haven’t found, yea
Til then, I’m goin’ all the way
What can I say


LL: Amazing
MF: Thank you man, thank you
LL: Very upbeat, feel good record, we’re missing those right now man. So on this project will there be any sequel records?
MF: Yes, there will be a couple that we will get into but I’d like to speak to some callers, you know, see if by them tellin’ us what their favourite song is –
LL: Oh, that’s actually a really good idea—
MF: If we got a sequel for that)
LL: Why don’t you hit the line for me and see if we got any callers
MF: Line 1, caller you there?
(This is Jordan from Baltimore, wa**up Mickey? Wa**up Larry? Wa**up O?)
LL: Yo yo, Jordan, nice to meet you man. So is there anything that you wanna hear tonight?
(Yea, I hope you did a sequel to Trinity, Scattered and Malfunction)
MF: Haha, you see, look at that, well you know, I got one for Scattered and Malfunction, not Trinity, but we gonna go into Malfunction right now, and Time of Our Lives
LL: Alright alright, let’s load up those 2 records. Callers listening in - Mickey will be on the road from October 17th til the 11th of Novemeber. Check his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on that. He’s also hitting the road with Lyrics the Lyricist and DJ Strategy. Will you be performing some of these songs on there?
MF: Yes, and 740 park Ave, shoutout to Bianca Raquel as well on “Time of Our Lives” such a beauty
LL: Oh yea, that’s, that’s, that’s what’s up man, ok, let’s get it goin’
Malfunctioning on W-LLL radio