Mickey Factz
Love.Lust.Lost, remember that?
You’re still lost, where you at?
My heart was given, not a smart decision
Now it’s gone to prison, can’t get it back
I told you that I love…

I desert trouble, tryna find serenity
Look into the eyes of my child while we’re [?]
The oracle was right, Morpheus was hype

Duck til dawn, now that you are gone
You’re on my mind dusk til dawn
What’s your thoughts? Where we standin’, what we are?
Holdin’ on to yesterday will only make us separate

I broke many women’s hearts
My bed chocked out about 20 womens parts
I’m at the finish line wondering when did it start
GPS and my confession, trinity is lost

Don’t love me was regrets but I got it off my chest
Cold summer with a dark sun
I swear on my mama that my heart’s numb
My heart’s dumb, I need a smart one
Because I keep on fallin’ for all the wrong ones
Wrote you a love tape, even sang some notes
Different experiment, same results

Usually I be chillin’ don’t f**k with dates and dinner
But somehow durin’ dinner, shorty was in my vision
Thought about spoonin’ with her, can’t let her f**k on the road
Then I made a decision, I put her up on the stove

I want the simplest things, if trinity still around I can get her a ring

Top down, spring time, which girl, wanna be mine
I think hard cause she fine
So I’m givin’ all my girl my time

My Shirley Temple ball hard and she never fumble
Hair colour gold so I call her Rapunzel

Everytime I see you baby, you got me fiendin’ baby
Feel like I’m dreamin’ lately, I can’t believe this lady

Baby I been thinkin’ about flyin in love with you
You, and me

Sorry to the girls I lied to through the years
I’m sorry for the pain, I’m sorry for all the tears
Maybe I could be your king and make ya happy
Sadly I lose my cool when you get at me
But I gon’ do my best to change, love Mickey

Log cabin camp fire in the Polkenoes
So alone and secluded is better than goin’ home

I told Q she the reason I’m great

But I do, so that’s one plus one equals two
I add a Q to that equation and my hundred million crew

On cue, my heart is somewhere else
And all it took was a little help

Amazing, f**k what you sayin’ I’m out in Vegas
Wifey had black angel I’m outrageous

I be thinkin’ the Q hopin’ she don’t leave
I don’t want no one else under my cool sheets

Just a doorman on 48th and 9th ave with a girlfriend
With a [?] and she [?] herself with that fine a**

Where’s the love and the lost part?
Hugs in the ball park, crush from the palm toss
My neata, sweet senorita
Would make me cheese pizza out of pitas
Real life Mona Lisa, love starin’ at her features