Mickey Factz
Union Square
[Thoughts from MauSe]

[Verse 1]
Fumes from the paint can, slither through the night
Tunes from a waste land, visionary light
I'm giving people life from the mouth of a reaper
I'm like Malcolm the teacher, announced through the speaker
My father taught me that buying a house is procedure
And beds are a privilege when a couch cushions cheaper
Sleeping on the floor isn't a doubtful procedure
When your dreams are the reality of doubt to receivers
Leaving my mark, in a literary state
On buildings and estates, no filters for my paint
I'm filming what I make
Dark clothes on, what I throw on, these pilgrims wanna hate
On the pillars that I make
A gathering for my comrades
Pa**ionate what I forecast
Question marks on they forehead
Looking at me when they walk past
Outlaw throwing the law out
There's an out-pour of what I thought out
Cops got me all sought out
Cause my work now get me more clout
Building my name up, never thought it get like this
Yall do the same stuff, yall ain't see no sh*t like this
Remain humble through it all, man I don't Bogart
Remember my past life and that helps me go so hard
Sleeping on benches, the stenches from the bums are so relentless
But so is my drive, my hearts an engine
Fuel, labored so long fingers that draw what I have viewed
My table is gone, eat on the floor while I chew
Young painter looking at the front pagers
The basquiats, the warhols, all the plush painters
Inspiration on a daily basis
I copped a can and went bombing like Hiroshima in train stations
Last name numerical
Question what I'm telling you
Ill question plus riddle you like Batman in the physical
Think about it, & keep it with you like a souvenir
And when you do come find me, ill be in Union Square
[Outro: Basquiat]
I think its a lot of people that are neglected in art, I don't know because if its too many of the paintings or what. But um... I know black people are never really portrayed realistically. Or not even portrayed in modern art. Its just um... Up for a change you know?