Mickey Factz
[Verse 1]
Girl you know I really want you baby
It ain’t got to be, I’ll f**k you baby
What’s going on, I really want to touch you baby
You had a hard day at work, why don’t I rub you baby
Put my thumb up on you baby, get all of the kinks out
It getting cold outside, why don’t we bring them minks out
I wanna propose to you, pull them rings out
Sh*t, on our marriage day we pulled them drinks out
You know the champagne campaign, shouts to my achievers
In the studio session right now with the cameras and all their pizzas
And they brought all their drinks out, I just said that dog
It’s all good though, I still got the hood flow
I wanna girl with me, to give the world with me
You know, sometimes even give her diamonds and pearls with Earl [?]
When we get too drunk, I want two cars, get two trunks
Get two mansions, get two backs and we get two fronts
I know what you want, and I want you
I told you to your face if we gonna be forever I’ll never dump you
I just really want to hold you, console you, and show you
A new world as a mogul, oh baby I know you
Told me to my face you want a man that’s ready
Not somebody that’s just here to cut like a machete
Just gone drop this thing on top of you because it’s heavy
Baby girl what you doing with me tonight
Want to marry you, make you my wife
You make me happy in my life
Things were wrong, things were left, you made em right
And I’m happy for her, when my bed was [?]
You ain’t really care though, I’m here yo
You know that, I like to heal yo
It go down real low
This is not a freestyle baby girl this is a real song
It came from my mind
It came from a time when I felt like it came from your spine
When I hit it straight from the back and then it came from your baow
You ain’t even know to say cause that is lust
Had you bugging out, immediately touched
That nut that you bust, you was like oh my god it’s a rush
I was looking at you like why you crying, you just screaming like you’re dying
Then you feeling like your heart is flapping, flying
With the b***erflies inside it, you ain’t know what was happening
I was looking at you like you were African
Kissing on your feet, your legs, and your abdomen
Had you throwing it, like it was a javelin
Now I’m feeling like my name is Drake but it’s not, and I’m still talking hot
Oh man I want a wife, I don’t really want a thot
I’m just saying what I feel, drunken off this thing I shot
That I took, never been a crook, this is not coming from a book
Or a text on my phone, I’m just taking from the mind and this off of the dome
Baby girl I’m just saying what I feel
If you like what you’re seeing and you like what you’re hearing, then of course it’s clear
Of course I’m here, I just want to smell your hair when you’re using your shampoo
Harder than bamboo, I do the things your man really can’t do
Jackie Chan moves, damn boo
I ain’t even think I say that, where James at, let the beat play back
But don’t really play back, I want a girl to come and lay flat
Matter fact where that knee sack, just try to use it on me
I’m just gonna tell her please spread your legs and let me put my face at
Where it belongs there, I can tell you got long hair
I been working out, baby girl I’m strong here
You belong here, I got a big heart
You in a big city, and I’m a big shark
Big talk, sweet thang, me and you
Thick thang, you ain’t understand it, I’m the best in the planet
You expose yourself like you was Janet
You ain’t even know how to handle it
I handle her, I miss you every day on the calendar
Like oh baby what’s up?
I ain’t lose ya
I’m still here, baby I ain’t mean to confuse ya
I [?] rock threes and I rock you
Like your supras, I’m from the future
And I want you to be there with me
Come here, kiss me, please don’t dismiss me
I just want you to call me and just tell me that you miss me
You will never be Ray Rice, ow, hit me
Messing up just a little bit but it’s cool baby
Just want to get to your clitoris and eat like licorice
Damnit baby, it’s all good, I ain’t plan it baby
This off of the top of the dome, I’m the best in the planet baby
No scamming baby, I do what I do when I handle baby
You come through, see the rose petals on the floor
And you might even see some candles baby
Chef [?], baby aww, damnit baby I messed it up but Imma just let it go
Cause I’m done with the flow and the radio