Mickey Factz
#HighOffLife Freestyle 060
Yo, I'm high off life again
Mickey linkin' up with Mike again, we live again
Lookin' at retirement
Invest in companies to make my money back and keep five percent
Designer trends on my skin
He's flyer than celebs all over the web like he's Spiderman
Must be drinkin' beer think of street-fightin' him
Number one: don't put Ryu behind the 'ken
[NOA?] study stages of Hov
While datin' supermodels in the pages of Vogue
Eatin' pizza in Italy when I made it to Rome
Seperate phones overseas, yeah I made it to roam
My wife sage in her home, read the baby a poem
I can't wait till he grown cause I'm pavin' the road
The bad guy, the black rap Razor Ramon
Gloves is off, can't be touched, I'm basically rogue
Wait, I suppose every visual is tough
The ceiling lookin' nuts cause the living room is plush
Yeah, I need stock with a million and a tuck
Headin' to Baltimore, buyin' buildings for a buck
But I gotta maintain it, vacation
Down in Jamaica spray-painting
Then we wave racing
Artists askin' me how's the game changin'
Radio stations don't play us, we play stations
Independent playlists, takin' payments
Shout my cousin face upstate, he made arraignment
Told me if I got any problems he'll drop anything
That's not a punchline, he'll drop anything
F**k it, we still rap widows at events
My cous' show up, black limo with the tents
Throw your man out the crack window near the fence
Week later with the hawkeye, throw your black widow off a cliff
I ain't a accidental I'm the sh*t
King of New York, ballin' Sacramento and the Nicks
Ain't nobody out that can f**k with it
Yeah the Tesla truck look ugly till you pull up in it
And D.C. took your hoe in a flash
Cause you cop quicksilver, who told you to brag ?
I been learnin' 'bout taxes and holdin' my cash
Told my wife I don't ever wanna go on my stash
You know I'mma spaz
[?] in my gla**
Three movies last year, I can show you my SAG
If a prize on your life, then your toe get a tag
F**k Lizzo, I'm at the Laker game, showing my a**
N***a, mentorin', cats learn my life
I ain't showing up if they don't confirm my wife
Keep [?] on the wall, yeah that turned out nice
I get free Y3s cause I earned my stripes
I ain't been workin' out as much, I guess I'm slackin'
But I make it up with my work, I'm never lackin'
Stubby stomach getting away to Biz
So I'm moving down to Atlanta, I guess I'll listen to some Jadakiss
Pops told me "Go and get a dollar
Save your money, don't blow it on your collar"
That's why I never had a chain, too busy going in Prada
Well I guess I did blow it on my collar
He told me people that rock jewelry don't own it cause they flyer
They own it cause they wiser
Still flip hoses like Inception
Dream house, sold it to a buyer
And I still rep the X like a soldier in Wakanda
So think twice about flowin' with T'Challa
Just copped me a Benz like Monona, I'm a rider
Of course I had to rhyme again
Shout to my n***a Mike, high life again