Chino XL

"American Psycho Freestyle"

The Beatnuts and Chino is like a, first kid for Latins to worship
I hurt sh*t, the wordsmith, perfect to purchase
I'm merciless, leavin you toothless and verse-less, I'm poisonous (uh-huh)
Drinkin blood from a platinum Thermos, I'm murderous
And evil and diesel, my people from here to Puerto Rico
Chico, the nickname Chino
That's Hispanic as bein married in a yellow ruffled tuxedo
See no Spanish blood I'm standin in
Handlin verbal torpedoes over Spanish mandolins
I'll viciously herb you with verbal calm cool
My name come first in a sentence spеakin on who sh*tted on who
Don't let it be you! (truе!)
I'm really rude, hate Italy food, you get Kobe and Philly booed
Never sh*tty interviewed, every city in the view
Seen police nude, police presume from the barbecue blind dude
That I hit his mind up with a .9-Rug', gun blast make your spine move
Paralyze your face, Bell palsy
Have you lookin like Musiq Soulchild, far from hardcore
Line for line I never met a cat who could last
I'm feared like R. Kelly teachin kindergartner's class
Y'all, metaphors are meta-twos, you better get a better set of tools
Cling your genitals, watch your lyrical credentials
I'm an animal, destroy human life without caring
You get killed/kilt, like that plaid skirt Scottish men be wearing
Me disappearing don't even think - the closest thing
These rappers ever get to art is when their mind's drawin a blank
We revolvin in rank, you smiling coward you spiraling downward
Got you dancin through my firing bullets that showered
Shoot me in the head but, please try to aim
I'll be hotter than these rappers with just piece of a brain
From a wheelchair I'll still be priest of the game
Watch you +Tank+ like that skinny R&B singer's name, what!
My saliva's lava, the wicked anomalous scholar
The author composing your broken bones into an orchestra
Burn in Heaven, no weapon can harm me
These homos been in the closets so long I'ma donate them to Salvation Army
Calmly tearing ya flesh like the claws of a falcon
Write songs till my wrist develops Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
And there's no feeling in my right thumb, my knuckles white and numb
You should see the muscular development in my forearms
I'm sworn human heron from here on
Consider Chino XL Monster, f**k Charlize Theron
You cling on to life like a skinny Luther
I'm like an aircraft carrier going to war with a Mini Cooper
Getting used to being crazy
As a double jointed female doctor bent over, delivering her own baby
Anti-Medical, non-preventable
Make you and a dead man identical
Sound alarms, I'm well armed, like an octopus tentacle
Bust ten of you, trust none of you
I'm the murdering minister when God is upset at you
Right on schedule, calligraphers spit a comprehensible
Poison Pen always the illest, today he's exceptional
Slaying professional between big deals
I get jobs at McDonalds and throw cyanide pills into kids meals
I slaughter individuals, throw rappers through windshields
Slice them from ear to ear till they breathing out of fish gills
Every lyricist kneels to my internal, incurable inferno
I beat a n***as haircut into crop circles
Hear the smotherless pain
Be the main attraction in a circus how I can juggle your jugular vein
I stumble and aim if you merely just mumble my name
Crumple your fame, cripple your fangs
Isn't it strange it doesn't change I'm a beast
The hungriest rapper alive picking human flesh out of my teeth
You get shot in the streets or in sentences like Mystikal
Don't even call rap rap no more, call it Chino XL
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