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Chino XL Lyrics

Somewhere In The Afterbeat (2018)

The God Who Forgot Himself (2017)

GO (2016)

The Urban Hitchcock LP (2016)

Blaq Death (2013)

Hookahs and Machetes (2013)

The Foundation (2009)

Evolution of a Boss (2006)

In 12's We Trust (2000)


Tha Mexakinz (1996)

Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 3 (1996)

Backstreet Biographies


Cellar Sounds Volume 4 (1992-1998)

Cellar Sounds: For Those That Slept #3

Deluxe: The Urban Hitchcock LP

Poetical Minded

Tha BloccBleederz

Other Songs

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