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DJ Paul Lyrics

Flip the Rat (2019)

i´m okay i think (2019)

$uicide 6ix (2018)

A Beginners Guide to Destruction (2018)


Hype Or Die: The Dead (2018)

Underground Volume 17: For Da Summa (2017)

Waiting to Inhale (2017)

Mafia 4 Life (2016)

YOTS (Year Of The Six), Pt. 2 (2016)

Da Light Up, Da Poe Up (2015)

G​.​R​.​E​.​Y​.​G​.​O​.​D​.​S. (2015)

Hear Sum Evil (2014)

KILL YOURSELF Part II: The Black Suede Saga (2014)

KILL YOURSELF Part V: The Fuck Bitches, Get Death Saga (2014)

Reindeer Games (2014)

Legendary Hits (2012)

Reactii Adverse (2009)

Real Recognize Real (2009)

From Me To You (2007)

Prophet's Greatest Hits (2007)

Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story (2006)

WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2007 [Full Tracklist] (2006)

Most Known Hits (2005)

Gangsta Blac (2004)

The Blackness (2003)

24's ‎[12" Single] (2002)

Underground, Volume 16: For da Summa (2002)

More Mystic Stylez: The First Album (2001)

Good Side Bad Side (1998)

Can It Be? (1996)

Skinny But Dangerous (1996)

Greatest Hits Part. 2 (1995)

Greatest Hits Part 1 (1994)

Junts We Choke II (1994)

Vol. 12 Part. 2 (1993)

Volume 12 (1993)

Volume No. 14 (1993)

Tha Portrait of a Serial Killa (1991)

Act a Fool - Single

Comin' At Yo Azz

Diss Freestyle Nation

Goin' Undercover


Out Da Darkness of Da Kut

Prophet's Greatest Hits

Shake Junt

Who Run It REMIX - Single

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