Chali 2na
Don’t Stop
Yes yes
One more time
Just don't stop
Well yeah yeah
Just don't stop
We'll never have to stop
Tell em, tell em what you need
We've got the right to keep it funky
Cause this hip hop just don't stop

[Verse 1: Chali 2na]
Yo better believe in these real words
Chali 2na call me Steven Spielberg just don't stop
Spilling these words, I'm filling these nerds
With verbal darts making your sport
Utility swerve it (don't stop)
Yeah, I'm from the fifth J
Digital display
You crew is in critical dismay (Don't stop)
I paid the cost for the posse
Shining to me gloss now I foresee
I rupture your rapture
My voice is abrasive like god while he snaps words
Look at the rhythm and blues we concocted
Living through my music like Pac did
Give a little gap in my loophole
Ruby's true [?] like Orange Juice Jones
(Just don't stop)
Don't have to be shot, or from the block
To be hot, bring it back to the plot and it (Just don't stop)
[Hook: Anthony Hamilton]
We don't have to stop
Keep the this thing moving till the speakers pop
Ain't got time to talk
Coming for the honey can't take no loss
It's whatever we want
Pay us back what you know you owe
We got the right to keep it funky
Cuz this hip hop just don't stop

[Verse 2: Chali 2na]
With the upper hand
On level land
A clever man preparing the plan
With my caravan
While never-never land's
What these rappers reach for
I'ma teach till it seeps into each pore (Don't top)
And to my culture, respect due
I protect while others neglect you
So later for what the wack say
Cuz Herc and Afrika Bam deserve back pay
Fakers I pay attention to your pranks
Can't win with dissension in your ranks and
(It just don't stop)
Im coming piping hot
Its the vocal micro-not/naut
(And it just don't stop)
I speak verbal plastique
I blast heat like a match to a gas leak
Time for those at the top to switch turns
Call me boneless when the tuna fish burns

[Verse 3: Chali 2na]
Brothers livin' in creased and plush linen
Up in the place just to watch women (and it just don't stop)
And now the ghetto informants be gettin' shot
So watch what you say instead of saying what you watch
I'm committed to bringing the unprecedented
But I won't spit it if it ain't a lesson and it
(Don't Stop)
Getting sick of the bickering from my peers and such
Bringing the sh*t to keep your ears in touch