Chali 2na Lyrics

Fish Market Part 2 (2017)

Manphibian Music (Against the Current EP 2) (2016)

1000 Years EP (2015)

Bloodshot Fisheye - Against the Current EP.3 (2015)

Terra Bella (2015)

Filho da Pátria (2014)

Racing with the Sun (2011)

Everywhere at Once (2008)

Meu Samba É Assim (2006)

S.P.I.T. (Spiritual Poetry Ignites Thought) (2005)

The Loneliest Punk (2005)

Escape from Alcatraz (2003)

Faster Than You Know (2003)

The Lost Freestyle Files (2003)

Against the Current EP.1

ILLectric EP

Return of the B-Girl EP

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