Chali 2na
Chali 2na Freestyle
[Verse 1: Chali 2na]
Like that like that ya don't stop, check it
One more time for the people out there
It goes peace
If you come to see me rebel
2na fish'll come ready like I was Edie Brickell
I'm everlasting, never will my head expand
This Publisher is clearing house like I'm Ed McMahon
I get ya, open like a bullet wound, test the repertoire
And I'll connect a right cross to your upper jaw
I'm on my toes, all my foes beware
Cause 2na fish'll tackle flows like I'm Rosey Grier, yeah
Forgot to tell you the response is choice
Coming to smother the brother with the monster voice
It's gonna, wipe slow specimen I got the hype
So listen in lyrical nitroglycerin
We pack a punch like an earthquake set
Coming through your f**king tapedeck is how we shake sh*t
So all you b*t*h a** brothers take shelter
Or you'll be on my conveyor belt when I melt ya
It's like that, one two for J5
Let me tell you that we, make it live, Gray, L.A., hey
Breathing in and out lung style, huh
Mr. Canibus, won't ya funk it up for a while