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Roc Marciano


Shout out to my n*ggas from the blues, we the livest
Peace to my b*tches and my advisors (yeah)
If you know my sneaker size you might then just keep me fly, then (you know)
I squeeze nine in between n*ggas' eyelids
In case you need to try being more open-minded (minded)
These are tryin’ times but I'm timeless
But still we buyin' watches like we runnin’ out of options (uh)
Catch me rocking ostrich constant
It's Common Sense, kid, but I'm not from Chicago, pimp (nah)
Left the spot with like five hoes, it's what the Tahoe fit (fit)
Sig knock a eyeball out your wig
Me and my slime peeled in a five like Biggs and Spragga Benz (eh)
Hehh, yeah
Me and my slime peeled in a five like Biggs and Spragga Benz (uh-huh, yeah)
Uh, divided up the ends then got in the wind (yo)
My b*tch'll a hot pot of grits on top of your skin (sss)
Stick to the script to solicit these diet tips (ss, uh)
Bust your sh*t with this cast iron fryin' pan (mmm)
Uh, I'm outta here (I'm outta here)
Sorry, your honor, I’m a God fearin’ man (yeah)
No hard feelings, but n*ggas' lyrics couldn’t spark my interest
Not even rubbin' sticks to get it flickerin'
Efficient, I never bust and miss, I always hit sh*t (uh, that's it)
Everyt’ing crisp, nothin' rigid
I'm runnin' this, I don't never seem to get winded (eeed)
Banana clips on the blick 'cause it's extended (eeed)
The Mac-10, pimp, was hidden in the engine
Ice on a n*gga tendon feel like I'm injured (ow)
In my former life, I might have been a penguin (might have been)
Uh, the king mentioned the sword's not mightier than the ink pen (this pen)
The truth in plain site, it was hidden, forbidden fruit
Soon as the sh*t was ripe, it was bitten (bitten, bitten)
Uh, forbidden fruit, soon as this sh*t was ripe, it was

Ha, Marc, baby (Marc, baby)
Yeah (yeah), f*ck n*ggas, boy
f*ck all y'all n*ggas, man
f*ckin' c*cksuckas (c*cksuckas)

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