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Roc Marciano Lyrics

Rosebudd Infantry: The Marcberg Files (2019)

And Yet It's All Love (2018)

Flintlock (2018)

Frozen Angels (2018)

Medellin II: Don Fabio (2018)

Timeless (2018)

Waves R Us (2017)

Control Your Own (2016)

Roses Are Red... So Is Blood (2016)

The Superfly Single (2016)

Masterpiece Theatre (2015)

Pyrex Scholar (2015)

In The Evening (2014)

Let It Go (2014)

Thirty Eight (2014)

Gratitude (2013)

Magna Carta (2013)

Scene of the Rhyme EP (2013)

Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out (2013)

Terminal Illness Part 2 (2013)

The Alternative (2013)

The Cutting Room Floor 3 (2013)


Diggaz With Attitude (2012)

Double Feature EP (2012)

Love, Hell or Right (2012)

Professor @ Large (2012)

Greneberg (2011)

Shotgun and Sleek Rifle (2011)

The Prophecy EP (2010)

Underground Classics (2006)

Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture (2005)

Strength and Honor (2004)

Petestrumentals (2001)


In The Grind We Trust

Rock On 12"

The Alchemist Craft Singles

Other Songs

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