In the Details

Roc Marciano

Nobody but myself to blame
Beyond the hard parts
Really I resolve with the pain ..
Thanks to y’all, I am never the same
Most of all I am glad that you came ..
Just for the record
It’s weighing heavy chested
Now I’m being hex’d by a couple ex’s
Dirty snatched the heart
Left a niigga breathless, what they didn’t know I got it by the metric ..
Call it a v-shape
Round ball like ol’ day
Favor a sensei
Cultivated that A grade
_____ the membrane
Youngin’ badly decayed
Wasn’t cut from the kenté ..
Looking like you just caught him
Fresh off the runway, always ..
Just up in them brownstone hallways ..
Kickback turn niiggas crimson crole’
Some say
Veaux really back to his ol’ ways ..
Stoop of the church my cornerstone
Where niiggas did drugs sold drugs
To each it’s own ..
Youngin’ in a rush
Had a brush with Coleone
Not even thirteen
I was all in the loiter zone
The lord is home ..
Must be off white dust
The drip came standard
All in they feels, and I’m quite plush
Triple booked up
Synonymous with the fly I just
Hit it with that touch
That midas ..
Slime niigga, do ya greasy
On easy, high-risk it for the measly
That’s why am the head genovese
Sanction them hits on repeat
Staff left permanent sleepy ..
Most like found on the glizzy
Them ted talks coming in weekly
Maneuver no hands, a ouija ..
Dump d**k all in ya fe fe
Cause deep bae know I’m the feces ..
Aye yo ..
All hail Veaux be the illest to inherit it
Cookies cuts couldn’t mirror this
Been some time I had to marry this
Fate wouldn’t carry the cross
So they double the cross
Left perilous ..
Chip Four, Five, Six
Then made a wish
I reminisce them nights sick
Couldn’t forget
I promise you this
Then feeling hidden really exists
Probably the illest to come up out bottomless pit ..
It’s all In the details
And it’s looking hella devilish
Looking hella devilish
Brainstorm on a scratch sheet
Let it settle
And I didn’t need a grand ol’ scheme
Nor Merrill Lynch
Got your b*t*h up in heaven prepping
The god’s dish
On the noggin, I target the market
Then park it ..
Your b*t*h up in heaven prepping
The god’s dish ...

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