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Rico Love Lyrics


The Rise of a City (2014)

Top Five (Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture) (2014)

Fit of the day (2013)

New York: A Love Story (2013)

Vital Signs (2013)

Valentine's Day (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2012)

Fall In Love With... [Mixtape] (2011)

Here I Am (International Edition) (2011)

Sex and the City, Vol. 2 (More Music from the Movie) (2010)

Sex and the City (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2008)

The Dutchess Deluxe (2008)

Can't Handle the Kush

Doll Domination [Interscope Sessions]


Excuse My French

Leighton Meester - Singles

Purple Heart

Other Songs

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