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Rico Love

"Calling All Angels"

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Here I am again
With tears rolling down my face
And I'm searching deep within
Will there ever be a change?There's so much I have left to live
And my whole life brought me to this moment
The answer's waiting in the wind
If I can believe it...So I'm calling all angels
I've been lost so long
Shine a light for me
I'm calling all angels
Help me to be strong
Now I'm on my knees

Waiting all my life
For a chance to find
The answer to set me free
It lives within me
I just need to believe
I'm calling all angels
I'm calling all angelsAnswered all my prayers
And still I can't see the light
I'm filled with so much fear
From shadows deep inside...And now I can't afford to wait
Another day feels like an eternity
I will never lose my faith
'Cause it's every part of me!
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