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Billie Eilish

"Where Do We Go? World Tour Setlist"

Act One

Intro: Eilish is hanging up from the bed lifted before as she later falls from it. Every line from the chorus of "bury a friend" is played individually next, as the penultimate line gets more distorted before the "Where do we go?" phrase is played as the last one.

First song: "bury a friend"
Second song: "you should see me in a crown" + extended outro (drum solo)
Third song: "my strange addiction"
Fourth song: "ocean eyes"

Fifth song: "COPYCAT" + extended outro performed by FINNEAS
Sixth song: "WHEN I WAS OLDER"
Seventh song: "8" (acoustic)
Eighth song: "wish you were gay"
Ninth song: "xanny"

Act Two

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