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Billie Eilish

"Life Is Not Alright"

[Intro: Zachy BeanPole]
It’s your BeanPole
And Billie

[Verse 1: Zachy BeanPole]
Lately, I feel so alone
Don’t even know why I have a phone
Nobody hits me up and I’m stuck, never had somebody that I call my own
It’s lonely walking down this road
Fake friends that I didn’t have to know
The same ones that f*cked me over and whenever I need them and they just turn ghost
I feel I’m at an all-time-low
I’m depressed and it hurts me to know
My ex is happy and I can’t seem to cope
She’s ignoring every text message I wrote
My anxiety’s hight, my medication’s low
I am so stressed and I hate being home
I sit and overthink everything alone
I wish I had somebody to hold, da*n

[Chorus: Billie Eilish]
I know life is not alright
I know it is so messed up
But just tell me this once why the world is goin’ slow
Like the world is trying, but they’ll never know
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