Jake Scott

I Don’t Want To Be Friends (Single) (2019)

She - Single (2019)

Somebody Else (2019)

Christmas Covered (2018)

Tuesdays (Single) (2018)

Words (2017)

Finding Neverland: The Album (Songs from the Broadway Musical) (2015)

Sounds Good Feels Good (2015)

Of Life and Love and Longing - EP (2013)

The Bends (1995)

Brooklyn In The Summer

Dawn (Single)


Don’t Let Me (Single)

Hesitate (Single)

I Don’t Miss You (Single)

Journey - From “Songland” (Single)

Last Time (Single)

Lie (Single)

Maybe (Single)

Naked (Single)

Old Wounds (Single)

Otherwise (Single)

Out Of My Hands (Single)

Spoke Too Soon (Single)

Whole Lives (Single)

Working For You (Single)

Yours (Single)