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Barrington Levy Lyrics

Acousticalevy (2015)

Wanted - Live in San Fransisco (2005)

Crucial Reggae (2004)

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: The Album (2004)

Original Ragga Muffin Part One (2002)

Time Capsule (1996)

Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul (1984)

Revolution Riddim (1983)

21 Girls Salute (1982)

Poor Man Style (1982)

Prison Oval Rock Riddim (1980)

Bounty Hunter (1979)

Englishman (1979)

44 Bars (Vinchi Remix)


Englishman - Robbin Hood

It's About Time

Living Dangerously

Shaolin Temple

Young & Flexin

Other Songs

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