Teach Me Culture lyrics

Barrington Levy

Can't you see what these things are going on?

Oh do you ever think what this [?] was like
Before you gonna mash it mash it up
Do you ever -- I knooow, seen
Wicked babylon wit them evil plan
Trying to tell inna us about the [?]
Dread inna of us a bomb foolishness sometimes

Hey, diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle
Cow jumped over the moon
The likkle dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish run away with the spoon

Do you think something better then that? Woah
Cause I and I know you start to [?] and then you go a run come we
But I know you can't try that, so you see
You use a bag of money, make the people laugh so funny
But Mr. Wicked Man from Babylon, the girl that you made
But I know one day will be different
And the days have come for I and I to live as one
Inna dis community, oh yeah

Cause when a man does a fighting and kill one another
Not teaching their brothers
So know and keep it, but I know something and I got to tell you later
Don't fool me up, I tell you don't fool me up

Oh can a dish run away with the spoon
Oh can the dog laugh to see such fun
Oh no man, tell me something more than thatty-that
Jah Jah know we know we doing that

Why don't you tell us
That the lord is my shephard
I shall not want he vacate me to lie down [?]
He lift up my soul

But don't tell me bout no eight, digle digle digle
The cat sat up on da fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The dog laughed to see such fun
Oh can they love
Man oh can a dog love

Teach me our culture
Tell us about ourself
Tell I and I, so many people
Who need a helping hand
Right down to the roading [?]
And don't no tell me bout no foolishness
Jah Jah know we know we better than that
Everytime you try that me a'go hot
Cause I know

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