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Oddisee Lyrics

A Piece of the Action Part 1 (2017)

lo-fi greatest hits (2016)

The Odd Tape (2016)

The Dichotomy of RoQy TyRaiD (2015)

Motifs - EP (2014)

The Beauty in All (2013)

Home Is Where the Art Is (2012)

Rough Draft: Based On True Stories & Dreams (2012)

Odd Seasons (2011)

Rock Creek Park (2011)

The AstonishinglyODD Project (2011)

Helpless Dreamer (2010)

Starr Status (2006)


I Do What I Do (2005)

Connected Instrumentals (2004)

Digital Scrap Medal

Foot In The Door

Fresh Start


Makin' Dollas


Robots and Dinosaurs

Self Sacrifice

The Melt

The Rainy Day Chronicles EP

The Summer Tape EP

Other Songs

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