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"The Strife"

Lil homie used to wear his heart on his sleeve
Ever since a youngin roaming up and down the streets
One hand holding up the peace, yeah
The other hand reaching for the piece
Every time they knock him down he hop up on his feet
Dark circles round his eyes cause he never sleep
He up serving fiends, and he cannot breathe
Too proud for begging please, life got him by the leash, yeah

Yeah, life got him by the leash
25, the age he thought he would never reach
25 to life, the only 25 he could see
Along with the deceased homies that visit in his sleep
Every morning he be fighting Iblees
The one that distribute that stuff that keep them grinding they teeth
Sons and daughters of fiends
Final lap, take the lead
It's like the hare vs the tortoise in the corners of streets
Look, we done lost too many bros here
We don't let you carry the load on your own here
And we got them lil n***as that act grown here
Try to give them advice, in and out from ear to ear
Carrying the shottie 'cause they got him the last time he sold these
Somebody auntie dropping panties to get caught up on the lease
Block is super hot even though it's below 40 degrees
A cold cell or cold grave that's the outcome on the streets
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