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Paul Simon Lyrics

Beauty Into Clichés (2018)

idina: live (2018)

Quiet and Peace (2018)

You Don't Own Me Anymore (2017)

Faces to the Sun (2016)

Go Cat Go (artist: Carl Perkins) (2016)

Mayday (2016)

Coming Home (2009)

Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken (2009)

Prelude to a Dream (2009)

Wall of Sound (2009)

Pride (Original Film Soundtrack) (2007)

Anthony Callea (2005)

Enchantment (2001)

Non-Fiction (2000)

Celebrate! (1998)

The Lone Ranger (1995)

And So Much More (1994)

Let Me Be Your Woman (1979)

Greatest Hits, Etc. (1977)

Paul Simon In Concert: Live Rhymin' (1974)

We Love You Like a Rock (1973)

Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970)

Ebony Woman (1970)

Get Ready (1970)

Gula Matari (1970)

The Booker T. Set (1969)

The Graduate (1968)

Red Rubber Ball (1966)

Event Horizon

Greatest Hits, etc

Riley Armstrong

The Touch Of The Master's Hand

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