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Mystikal Lyrics

Just a Lil' Thick (She Juicy) [feat. Mystikal & Lil Dicky] - Single (2016)

Kings of Caerleon (2013)

The New Guy: Music From the Motion Picture (2002)

NOW That's What I Call Music, Vol. 5 (2000)

Foolish: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1999)

Blade (Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture) (1998)

No Limit Compilation: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

No Limit Soldiers: We Can't Be Stopped (1998)

Plots & Schemes (1997)

Still Serious (1997)

Carnivale Electricos

Da Franchise Playa

Dangerous Ground Soundtrack

Doh Vinci

Light it Up soundtrack

Uptown Veterans

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