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Charles Bukowski Lyrics

Here, Hear. II (2008)


Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way (2002)

The Night Torn Mad With Footsteps (2001)

Bone Palace Ballet: New Poems (1997)

ONTHEBUS Magazine No. 13 (1994)

ONTHEBUS Magazine No. 10/11 (1992)

Septuagenarian Stew (1990)

The Roominghouse Madrigals: Early Selected Poems 1946-1966 (1988)

All's Normal Here (1985)

Love Is A Dog From Hell (1977)

Mockingbird Wish Me Luck (1972)

The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills (1969)

Poems Written Before Jumping Out Of An 8 Story Window (1968)

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