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Tech N9ne Lyrics

Resurrection (2017)

The Bluest Flame (2017)

Outlaw (2016)

Swank Sinatra (2016)

A World Upside Down: The Mixxtape (2015)

Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival (2015)

Trust No One (2015)

Gettin 2 It (2014)

Religious Prescription (2014)

Run on Sentences (2014)

The War Within (Remixes) (2014)

Scion AV Presents - High Tide (2013)

Speaking of the Devil (2013)

The Last Dragon (2013)

The Take Over (Deluxe Version) (2013)

The Underworld (2013)

Portland Ni%#a (2012)

Amafrican Psycho (2011)

For the MO (2011)

My Business (2011)

Perfect Timing (2011)

Strange Days Tour: A Decade of Excellence (2010)

Canibus and Keith Murray are the Undergods (EP) (2009)


Collabos: Sickology 101 (2009)

Draped Up & Chipped Out, Vol. 4 (2009)

Monsterifik (2009)

Tha Hangover (2009)

The Live Sick Compilation (2009)

Apocaypse (2008)

Strictly Strange Tour 08 (2008)

The Plott Thickens (2008)

Word on tha Streets (2008)

Alpha Dog (Music From the Motion Picture) (2007)

Downtown the World (2007)

Strange Noize Tour (2007)

The Gumbo Pot (2006)

Gillhead Structure (2005)

JegvilgerneDuvilgerneViskalgerne (2005)

Pray For Us (2005)


What Is Figgkid (2005)

Murder Dog Presents Kansas City (2004)

Anghellic: Reparation (2003)

Beef Soundtrack (2003)

The Grant Rice Empire Mixtape (2003)

Bullish Intentions (2002)

Roguish Ways (2002)

There Goes the Neighborhood (2002)

Hood 2 Hood - the Mizery Entertainment Compilation (2001)

Moment of Impakt (2001)

G to the Game (2000)

50 Mc's (1998)

Now & Forever (1998)

Soul Searchin'/Big Bad Wolf (1997)





Good and Evil


It's On Now (Summer Edition)

Psycho Bitch (artist: Tech N9ne)

Puttin' U In

Shmurda (Remix)

Strange Music - We Got This 2009 Sampler

Temple Of Madness

The Next Dynasty

United Ghetto of America Volume 2

Word on the Streets


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