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Tom Waits Lyrics

A Million and One (2018)

Spinifex Gum (2017)

Teenage Witch EP (2017)

Man Made Monster (2010)

Glitter and Doom Live (2009)

Oh My God, Charlie Darwin (2008)

The Book (2008)

The Very Best of Diana Krall (2007)

Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (2006)

Temptation - Single (2004)

Don't Give Up on Me (2002)

Spirit of the Century (2001)

The Well (2001)

Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years (1998)

The Black Rider (1993)

The Early Years: Volume 2 (1993)

Beautiful Mess (1992)

Night On Earth: Original Soundtrack Recording (1992)

Black Music for White People (1991)

Hometown Girl (1987)

Girl at Her Volcano (1983)

Bounced Checks (1981)

Other Songs

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