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Trey Songz Lyrics

The Documentary 2 + 2.5 (Collector's Edition) (2016)

The Gift (2016)

Trigga: Reloaded (2015)

ICB Fall 2014 Mix by Def Jam (2014)

We Own the Night, Pt. 2: Memoirs of a Hustler (2014)

Symphony No. 9: The B Collection (2013)

This Song Is For You (2013)

Cole World: The Sideline Story (2011)

The Pen (2009)

Absolute Greatness (2008)

The Moral of the Story (2007)

Animus Vox EP



Get Money

Hero Muzik

Love King (Mixtape)

Mixtape Trigga

My Turn To Eat

R.A.P. [Rien À Prouver]

The Ladies Choice 2

The Ladies Choice 3

Voice Of The Streets

Other Songs

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