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Extreme Music Lyrics

Electro Soul 2 (2017)

Electropop 4 (2017)

Poptron (2017)

Electropop 3 (2016)

Folk Electronica 2 (2016)

Indie Songwriter (2016)

Pop House 2 (2015)

Post Dubstep (2015)

Urban Country (2015)

Dnb Pop (2014)

Electro Soul (2014)

Epic Industrial (2014)

Italia Beats (2014)

Alt Chill (2013)

Electro House 2 (2013)

Dirty Dubstep (2012)

Nu Folk (2012)

Classic Soul


Click Jazz

Combat & Warfare

Crime Wave 2

Dance Pop 2

Dance Pop 6

Dark Drama 3

Dark Trance

Dream Hop

Dream Pop 4

Dubstep 2

Electro Symphonic

For the Glory

Girls Rule

Glitch Pop 2

Indie Rock 2

Licks & Drones

Luxe Lounge 2

Math Rock


Neo Classical 5

Noise Pop

Punk Rock 2


Rockin Dubstep

Sky's The Limit 2

Stadium Rock

The Biggest Band in the World


Other Songs

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