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Anonymous Lyrics

DANG. EP. (2018)

The Idols Have Been Cast Down and Rent (2018)

Wasted Potential (2016)

A Collection of Creatues (2014)

The Centre (2014)


Long Way From Home (2007)

A Universe to Come (2002)

Green and Gold (1998)

Les Trois Corbeaux / Chants traditionnels de Ménestrels et Elisabéthains (1996)

Uncle Bunny Faces' Useless Anaology Involving Distance, Freight Trains, And Half Ripe Limes (It Doesn't Matter, Limes Are Sour Either Way) (1993)

Вернись в Сорренто (Come Back to Sorrento) (1988)

Epic of Gilgamesh (2100 BCE) (1)

A Rose From the Dead

I'm A Hoe

Im So Anonymous

Les blasons anatomiques du corps féminin

Medieval English Lyrics: A Critical Anthology


The Poetic Edda

Other Songs

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