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Anonymous Lyrics

DANG. EP. (2018)

The Idols Have Been Cast Down and Rent (2018)

Wasted Potential (2016)

A Collection of Creatues (2014)

The Centre (2014)


Long Way From Home (2007)

Green and Gold (1998)

Les Trois Corbeaux / Chants traditionnels de Ménestrels et Elisabéthains (1996)

Uncle Bunny Faces' Useless Anaology Involving Distance, Freight Trains, And Half Ripe Limes (It Doesn't Matter, Limes Are Sour Either Way) (1993)

Epic of Gilgamesh (2100 BCE) (1)

A Rose From the Dead

I'm A Hoe

Im So Anonymous

Les blasons anatomiques du corps féminin

Medieval English Lyrics: A Critical Anthology


The Before Anything Mixtape

The Poetic Edda

Other Songs

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