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Leonard Cohen Lyrics

Ma She'Hashuv - מה שחשוב (2018)

Big Christmas (2017)

Hellelujah - Single (2017)

Island - This Is Christmas - EP (2017)

Justice League (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2017)

Night Talks (2017)

Wasting the Meaning (2017)

Hallelujah (2016)

Lady Midnight (2016)

Illusion of You (2015)

Sons of Serendip (2015)

The Blue Room (2013)

The First Steps (2013)

Best of Both Worlds (2012)

Black Heart (2012)

Live In Fredericton EP (2012)

Savages (2012)

Unreleased (2012)


Antologie (2011)

Peace Love Ukulele (2011)

Show Me Your Tan Lines (2011)

The Ballads IV (2011)

Tomorrow May Not Be Better (2011)

From the Heart (2010)

Jason Castro (2010)

Simplistic Duplexity (2010)

Soul (2010)

The Essential Popa Chubby (2010)

Black Flowers (2009)

Ending Themes (On the Two Deaths of Pain on Salvation) (2009)

I'm No Human (2009)

Time of the Assassins (2009)

Everybody Knows (2008)

The Canadian Tenors (2008)

Leonard Cohen Songs (2007)

Stripped: Raw & Real (2007)

Balls (2006)

The Prophet: The Unreleased First Polydor Album (2006)

Full Coverage (2005)

Careless Love (2004)

Charades (2004)

Night Magic (2004)

Sirenian Shores (2004)

The Things We Do (2004)

Tidings (2004)

A Thousand Kisses Deep (2003)

Il silenzio e lo spirito (2003)

Metamorphobia (2003)

Whatcha Want (2003)

December (2002)

The Essential Leonard Cohen (2002)

Hard Travelin' / Final Fling (2000)

Coming Back to You (1999)

Slow Fox (1999)

Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions (1999)

People Are Strange (1998)

Greatest Hits, Volume III (1997)

The Green Room Serenade, Part One (1996)

Strange Days (Music From The Motion Picture) (1995)

Destroy Me, Lover (1993)

Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen (1987)

Do I Have to Dance all Night / The Butcher (1976)

Let Us Compare Mythologies (1956)

21 Big Ones

Das Vierte Tagebuch [Bonus]

It's Not Rock & Roll - EP (Pocket Album Three)

Live at Benaroya Hall With the Seattle Symphony

Lover's Paradise (Best Of)

Mentors Menteurs!

Nature Thing

Volume 3 (Suzanne)

Other Songs

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